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IN STOCK! Wooden garage...

IN STOCK! Wooden garage 4x6m, 44mm

Regular price -349€ Price 7,821.00€ 8,170.00€
The perfect wooden garage for families or individuals looking to make the most of some extra space in the garden. This structure...
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IN STOCK! Log Cabin Kent...

IN STOCK! Log Cabin Kent 3x2,5m, 44mm

Regular price -348€ Price 5,140.00€ 5,488.00€
Meet the KENT log cabin. A beautiful timber cabin made from spruce wood, boasting appealing roof overhands, a double door and one...
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Log cabin DOVER 6x4 m...

Log cabin DOVER 6x4 m (24m²), 44 mm

Regular price -340€ Price 9,025.00€ 9,365.00€
This summerhouse has everything you could possibly want from an outside/ inside space. Retreat from the hustle and bustle of...
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Log cabin ALBA 6x4m (24m²),...

Log cabin ALBA 6x4m (24m²), 44mm

Regular price -715€ Price 10,224.00€ 10,939.00€
The Alba log cabin is an amazing place for relaxation. You can create your own cosy relaxation zone on any smallish area of land,...
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Log cabin MONACO 5x5 m (25...

Log cabin MONACO 5x5 m (25 m²), 44mm

Regular price -230€ Price 8,820.00€ 9,050.00€
The log cabin has been designed in such a way as to make a small space feel comfortable. The cabin has a double glass door, which...
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Log cabin CLOCKHOUSE 5x4m...

Log cabin CLOCKHOUSE 5x4m (20m²), 44mm

Regular price -450€ Price 8,120.00€ 8,570.00€
Clockhouse (5x4 m) - one of the favorite log cabins. This cabin it's a great place not only for the garden, it can be used for the...
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What is wood movement (settling)?

First of all, wood is a ‘warm’ and living building material, which ‘lives and moves’ after assembling a log cabin. It is one of the oldest materials used in home construction.

How to avoid humidity in log cabin?

You might notice condensation in your bathroom, kitchen, or kids room. In kids room this problem is often caused by a humidifier, which many parents use. If you use a humidifier in any part of your home (including the humidifier that works with some furnaces), you can try turning it down.


New summerhouse Maseille (72 m²)

This summerhouse is a perfect choice if you are thinking about convenient accommodation of up to 4 people or even more. 3 bedroom summerhouse designed to get the maximum of natural light and the landscape around it.

New model Alicante (116 m²)

Wooden houses are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Modern garden cabins are spacious, light and comfortable. Have you dreamt of the next level of garden log cabins? Imagine – 4 bedrooms, one large common area, 2 bathrooms and a terrace. You say it is some wooden cabin fairy-tale.

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