1. Turn Down the Humidifier

You might notice condensation in your log cabin bathroom, kitchen, or kids room. In kids room this problem is often caused by a humidifier, which many parents use. If you use a humidifier in any part of your home (including the humidifier that works with some furnaces), you can try turning it down. As a result, the humidifier will release less moisture into the air, which will hopefully reduce condensation.

2. Buy a Moisture Eliminator

If you suspect that there is excess moisture in certain areas of your log cabin, you can purchase a moisture eliminator. You can use it in your bathrooms, kitchen or in some other places. They will remove excess moisture from the air.

3. Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

Use your bathroom and kitchen fans every time you cook or shower. Showering and cooking releases a lot of moisture into the air, and sometimes this moisture cannot escape from your house easily. The exhaust fans in your kitchen and your bathroom help remove this moisture from the air. You should run the fans for about 15 to 20 minutes after you shower or cook.

4. Open Your Windows every day

All year round you must open your summerhouse windows 3-4 times per day for not less than 10 minutes. This will release some of the warm, moist air that is trapped in the house. In wintertime the temperature of room can not drop down more than 15 degrees.

5. Raise the Temperature

Raising the temperature of the windows will reduce the condensation on them. Condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface (the window). Think about taking a cold drink out of your fridge on a warm day. The surface of the can immediately gets wet. In order to raise the temperature of your windows, you can raise the temperature of the house slightly. 

6. Add Weather Stripping

Adding weather stripping to your windows can help keep warm air from leaving your home. This can help reduce condensation if you’re using storm windows during the winter months. Weather stripping also helps make your home more energy efficient.

7. Use Double Windows

If you have single windows in your log cabin, using double windows during the winter months can help reduce condensation on your interior windows. The space between the two windows allows the interior window to stay warmer. Double windows can also help reduce your heating bills during the winter. While double windows themselves can sometimes have condensation, they do reduce the condensation on the interior windows, which helps reduce frost buildup. Condensation on the double windows often indicates a leak in your interior windows, and you will want to check and/or reapply your weather stripping.

8. Move Your Plants

Plants release moisture into the air, so if you have a number of plants by your windows, moving them to a different place can help reduce condensation on the windows.

9. Buy a Dehumidifier

Purchasing a dehumidifier is an easy, but rather expensive way, to remove the moisture in your home. If a full size dehumidifier is too expensive for you, you can also look into purchasing a mini dehumidifier. Some dehumidifiers will need to be turned on and off, while others will come on automatically when the humidity level in the home reaches a certain point.

10. Air to Air Exchanger

An air to air exchanger is another fairly easy, yet expensive, way to reduce moisture, and therefore condensation, in your home. An air to air exchanger brings in fresh air from the outside and sends indoor air to the outside. These machines remove pollutants from your home as well as removing the moisture.

The moisture content in the timber of your cabin will change depending on varying climate and weather conditions.


What is wood movement (settling)?

First of all, wood is a ‘warm’ and living building material, which ‘lives and moves’ after assembling a log cabin. It is one of the oldest materials used in home construction.

How to avoid humidity in log cabin?

You might notice condensation in your bathroom, kitchen, or kids room. In kids room this problem is often caused by a humidifier, which many parents use. If you use a humidifier in any part of your home (including the humidifier that works with some furnaces), you can try turning it down.


New summerhouse Maseille (72 m²)

This summerhouse is a perfect choice if you are thinking about convenient accommodation of up to 4 people or even more. 3 bedroom summerhouse designed to get the maximum of natural light and the landscape around it.

New model Alicante (116 m²)

Wooden houses are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Modern garden cabins are spacious, light and comfortable. Have you dreamt of the next level of garden log cabins? Imagine – 4 bedrooms, one large common area, 2 bathrooms and a terrace. You say it is some wooden cabin fairy-tale.

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